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released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Current Events Cincinnati, Ohio

-Pretty but gritty in Cincinnati, Ohio-

Jacob Aufdenkamp: Guitar/Vocals

Mike Brodbeck: Bass

Kevin Bole: Guitar/Vocals

Kyle Wavra: Drums

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Track Name: It Might Be Best
I don’t mind your fingers tracing lines
across my back; It helps me forget the faith I lack
I don’t sleep; my dreams could never keep
The day from night. They’re always winding, always shining bright

I think I’ve said this once before
I’ll say it again, I’ll say it again
if I have to, If I have to

I think for the moment
I think it might be best you don't find out
I want you to know this
I want you to know without a doubt

I think for the moment
I think it might be best I'm not around
I want you to notice
I want you to know what I'm without

I can’t find enough things that remind
myself of you.
No other eyes I see are quite as blue
I don’t keep a photograph of you
It’s not as real as when I close my eyes, what I can feel

What’s been said we can’t ignore
I can pretend, I can pretend
I still have you, if I have to

wait, before you go and make the same mistake. Oh babe
Please stay, soon enough the dawn will wash the day, away
Track Name: Beetleborgs
Please don't forget me when you leave this town
Maybe you'll get me this time around
If this was meant to happen, then I could shake this doubt
Maybe you'll get me this time around
(If time moves slower, I can shake this doubt. With you, looking through you)
It's just the two of us, with time to kill
Waiting for the world to wake up
It's just the two of us, we're losing will
We can't quit now but we'll never catch up
Track Name: Skybus
Holding on to hope you'll hear me say
words that make you maybe feel the same

Trying hard to let this feeling fade,
because few things are forever,
and the two of us are too far away

I'm not ready, no I'm not ready yet to begin
I've got it good, so I gotta go and piss it away

I'm not ready, no I'm not ready for this to end
What if I went with you?
What if I had asked you to stay?

Cast a line and lie a blanket on a bridge
When there's time to waste, then there's no way that I can face this life

Hold a hand and hang a photo on the fridge
Memories held by magnets picture a pair of polar opposites